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Everyday Abraham
Learn how to bring your dreams to life! The Universe is here waiting to grant your requests!
Today I appreciate the beautiful way life falls together when you allow it. Everything is alright. The pieces of what and all I ask for are pulling together like a magnet. And I allow it, I trust it all to align. And because I am a part of a magnificent universe, what I ask for is always answered greater than I could ever imagine. Dream big. Believe Bigger.  
Therefore, it is possible to turn things around from where ever you stand. A couple of redirecting pivots cam dramatic change your circumstances for the better! And it just takes one positive thought to get the ball rolling. In doing some digging on why a a positive thought has such a greater effect, I found this amazing explanation on inwardqwest.com
17 seconds of pure thought
Understand that I struggled with this for a long time. I am one of those people that can instantly tap into whatever happened the day before and regain all of the same emotional states I already experienced. This can suck if you’re going through some seriously crappy ish. To constantly start the day in an emotional hole is draining and depressing. The problem was it was too hard for me to think about what I wanted and how I wanted the day to go without giving attention to how messed up yesterday had turned out. I could relive the day in less than a minute and dissect all of the mistakes, mine and others, that got me to this unwanted place. Which, of course, would send my momentum soaring in the wrong direction. Now it’s only 7 am and everything is screwed. 🙁
Often, when we are in a rough place we forget that we asked for this and we are in the constant process of asking for more. There’s power in knowing this. I repeat, there is POWER in KNOWING this. Because now, from wherever you are standing, wherever that may be, in bliss or in turmoil, you can choose to ask for something better. You can choose to ask for anything you want. You can even choose to ask for more of the same.
My 30 day manifestation challenge ended a couple of days ago. Here’s what I know and what has been reaffirmed: I can handle things better. Whatever my initial reaction is so be it. Whenever it’s done, the first opportunity I get to breathe outside the situation I let it go. The quicker this happens the better off the world is. The answer always comes. Always. In fact, this just happened to me. I had a sort of aha moment about an event that occurred almost a week ago. And my vibration towards the incident changed. I allowed it to.